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  • How Performance Bonds Work

    How Performance Bonds Work

    How performance bonds work In order to secure a contract, a project owner, who acts as the obligee, may stipulate that a general contractor, who acts as the principal, post a performance bond. In the event that the principal is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, the obligee has the right to request reimbursement from the […]

  • Payment Bond Vs Performance Bond

    Payment Bond Vs Performance Bond

    Payment bond vs performance bond   A payment bond is a type of surety bond that guarantees a contractor’s material suppliers and subcontractors will get paid according to the contract. It is very often used on public projects where mechanics liens are not allowed.  A payment bond is also a type of contract bond, and […]

  • How To Calculate Performance Bond

    How To Calculate Performance Bond

    How to calculate performance bond The price of a performance bond is determined by a number of different elements, some of which include the following but are not exhaustive to the: Amount of the bond Credit history and/or the principal’s current financial situation Dimensions of the contract, as well as the location of the responsibility […]

  • Performance Bond Application 

    Performance Bond Application 

    Performance bond application The construction industry is the primary sector that makes use of surety bonds. In the event that the contractor does not satisfy the terms and conditions of their contract, the owner is safeguarded against the possibility of suffering monetary loss – thanks to these bonds. It is necessary to obtain bonds if […]

  • Performance Bond Basics

    Performance Bond Basics

    Performance bond basics Performance bonds, also known as surety bonds or contract bonds, are often used in the building and property development sectors. It is used by contractors to guarantee their customers that their projects will be finished on schedule and according to the agreed budget. If they are unable to pay back bondholders owing […]

  • Performance Bond Duration 

    Performance Bond Duration 

    Performance bond duration In order to prevent an obligation with an endless length, a performance bond’s term should be identical to that of the underlying contract or end on a certain date thereafter. Due to the presence of a predetermined date, the contractor does not need to pursue the return of a bond’s certificate and […]

  • Get A Performance Bond

    Get A Performance Bond

    Get a performance bond Contractors are required to submit an application to a surety for a letter of bondability before they may get a performance bond. This letter is not legally enforceable, but it does outline the financial limitations that the surety would be prepared to offer in order to bond the contractor. These financial […]

  • How a Performance Bond Works

    How a Performance Bond Works

    How a performance bond works Often, performance bonds are needed for projects that are overseen or funded by the government, such as the construction of a bridge or road. They are often used in building projects carried out in the private sector as well. The performance bond offers protection in the event that the contractor […]

  • How Do Performance Bonds Work

    How Do Performance Bonds Work

    How do performance bonds work In the event that a contractor fails to fulfill their obligations as stipulated in the contract, the owner of the project has the right to file a claim against the contractor’s bond in an effort to recoup any monetary losses. In the event that a claim is shown to be […]

  • What Is A Performance Bond?

    What Is A Performance Bond?

    What is a performance bond? One kind of surety bond for contracts is called a performance bond. Insurance firms are the ones that give the financial assurances that are known as surety bonds. In a nutshell, a performance bond provides the owner of a project with the assurance that the project will be finished (executed), […]