Navigating the World of Construction in Oregon: Demystifying the Commercial General Contractor Level 2 ($20,000) Bond

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Introduction to Oregon – Commercial General Contractor Level 2 Bond

The construction industry in Oregon is a dynamic and thriving sector, contributing significantly to the state’s economy. However, to ensure the integrity of construction projects and protect the interests of all parties involved, the state has implemented various regulations and bonding requirements. Among these, the Commercial General Contractor Level 2 ($20,000) Bond plays a pivotal role. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this bond, its purpose, how it works, and why it’s essential for contractors in the Beaver State.


Understanding the Commercial General Contractor Level 2 Bond

The Commercial General Contractor Level 2 Bond, often referred to as the CCB Level 2 Bond, is a financial guarantee required by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) for individuals or entities seeking to operate as commercial general contractors within the state. The bond is a commitment that serves as protection for consumers, subcontractors, and the state in the event that a contractor fails to meet their contractual obligations or violates state laws and regulations.


The Purpose of the Bond

The primary purpose of the CCB Level 2 Bond is to safeguard the interests of parties involved in construction projects. Here’s a breakdown of its key functions:

  1. Consumer Protection: The bond offers a safety net for consumers who hire commercial general contractors. If the contractor fails to complete the project or engages in unethical or unlawful practices, consumers have recourse to seek compensation for their losses.
  2. Subcontractor Protection: Subcontractors who work on projects with a bonded contractor are also protected. If the contractor defaults on payments or fails to fulfill their contractual obligations to subcontractors, the bond can be used to cover outstanding payments.
  3. State Compliance: The bond ensures that contractors adhere to the regulations set by the CCB and the state of Oregon. It encourages contractors to maintain ethical business practices and comply with state laws, promoting integrity within the industry.


Bond Amount and Requirements

As of the last available information, the CCB Level 2 Bond requires contractors to provide a bond in the amount of $20,000. This amount is subject to change, so it’s crucial for contractors to verify the current bond requirement with the CCB or consult with legal professionals well-versed in construction industry regulations.



The Commercial General Contractor Level 2 ($20,000) Bond is a vital component of the construction industry in Oregon. It serves as a protective shield for consumers, subcontractors, and the state itself. Understanding its purpose and meeting the bonding requirements is essential for any contractor aiming to operate within the state. By adhering to these regulations, contractors contribute to the continued growth and integrity of Oregon’s construction sector, ensuring that construction projects are completed successfully and ethically.

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