California Pest Control Company Registration ($12,500) Bond

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California Pest Control Company Registration ($12,500) Bond

As a result of the employees’ exposure to potentially harmful substances, the pest control business is extremely stringent and has a great number of complicated licensing regulations. As a part of the licensure requirements, many states demand that people who work in pest management acquire a security bond so that they can safeguard the general public and demonstrate that they are financially responsible. These contracts are a form of protection that guarantees that pest control companies will follow all local, state, and federal laws regarding the administration of pesticides. These laws can be found in all three levels of government – municipal, state, and federal.

The exterminator, also known as the proprietor, the state government, also known as the obligee, and the guarantee business are the parties involved in a Pest Control Company Registration Bond.

It is possible that you will be ordered to pay penalties to a client if a judge decides that your activities caused injury to a client. The collateral serves as a form of financial support that customers can make a claim against in the event that you are unable to fulfill your obligations. This is also the case if a pest control company violates local, state, or federal rules in the course of their business and causes injury to a person or their property. In the event that the guarantee business settles a claim, the proprietor is obligated to make a complete reimbursement to the insurer.

It is essential to keep in mind that insurance and surety bonds are not interchangeable terms for this topic.

Bonds issued by California pest control companies continue to be valid and enforceable until they are terminated. In compliance with Section 996.320 of the Code of Civil Procedure, the guarantor has the right to rescind the bond after giving a notification of thirty days.

Bond Amount

Depending on the jurisdiction in which you reside and your credit score, the premiums you pay could be anywhere from 1% to 5% of the total bond amount. As an illustration, the yearly payment for the California Pest Control Company Registration Bond is $120, which corresponds to 1% of the bond’s total punitive amount of $12,500. (The penal sum is the total amount that can be awarded.)

The authority in charge of granting licenses in each state decides the quantity of the insect control collateral that must be posted. In certain jurisdictions, a surety pledge is not necessary. In the other cases, the quantity of the surety can fluctuate anywhere from $2,500 to $50,000.

Prerequisites for Pest Control Professionals

Surety Bond-Prerequisites for Pest Control Professionals

The prerequisites for obtaining a license to perform pest management vary widely depending on the jurisdiction. Before starting a business that deals with pest management, you should investigate the legal requirements of your state to determine whether or not you are required to post a surety.

Businesses that engage in the use of insecticides, such as ground fumigation, aircraft pest control, maintenance gardeners, and anyone else, are examples of the kinds of companies that fall under this category. Both the license and the surety are things that need to be kept up-to-date as long as the business is in existence.


In addition to a California Pest Control Company Registration Bond, you’ll need to provide the following documents in order to qualify for a license to operate a business that deals with pest management:

  • Application cost ($160 per year for the main office, or $80 per year for the auxiliary office).
  • A document attesting to one’s excellent position.
  • Form for the registration (finished).
  • A copy of a current and active worker’s compensation insurance coverage is required as proof.
  • Statement regarding a fictitious corporate name (if not a sole proprietor using your surname).
  • Certificate or authorization indicating that the operator is qualified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Require a California Pest Control Company Registration Bond?

As part of the process of becoming registered, the Structural Pest Control Board of the California Department of Consumer Affairs mandates businesses that provide pest control services to place surety bonds in the amount of $12,500.

What Are the Steps Necessary To Start a Successful Pest Control Business in California?

In order to lawfully operate a business in the state of California as a pest control company, candidates are required to first acquire a license. Licenses for businesses that deal with pest management are valid for a period of two years, and the date they expire is determined by the initial letter of the company name. The expiration date for licenses beginning with the letters A through L is December 31 of even-numbered years, while the expiration date for licenses beginning with M through Z is December 31 of odd-numbered years.
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