California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond

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California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond

The California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond is an agreement that individuals who are involved in the business of delayed deposit transactions are required to make with the California Department of Business Oversight about the compliance of the aforementioned persons to the California Delayed Deposit Transaction Law, which is also known as the Payday Lenders Law. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the persons comply with the requirements of the law.

This prerequisite for a license must be sent to the commissioner together with the application form, which must be filled out, aside from the price for the license. Before the applicant for a license to conduct deferred deposit transactions may carry out any of the following services, he or she is required to get this bond.

  • Perform the duties of an agent for an originator of delayed deposits.
  • Arrange a delayed deposit transaction for a deferred deposit originator.
  • Provide assistance to an originator of delayed deposits throughout the process of starting a deferred deposit transaction.
  • A transaction with a delayed deposit may be offered, initiated, or made.

How It Works

The principal is the one who is accountable for ensuring that all of the bond’s conditions are met. The obligee will get reassurance from the surety over the principal’s performance. In addition to that, the surety shall ensure that the obligee will be compensated in the event that the principal is unable to fulfill this responsibility.

In the case that the principal is found to have violated the terms of the contract in any way, the surety will look into the claim that an obligee has made against them. If the claim is found to be legitimate, the surety will make the payment to the obligee. Nevertheless, the principal is obligated to pay back the surety after the payment has already been made.

Bond Amount

The annual premium for the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond may be anywhere from $375 to $1,875 depending on the specifics of the applicant’s situation. Insurance firms decide on a customer’s premium by considering a variety of characteristics, such as the customer’s credit score and their level of expertise.

Applicants for licenses who have great credit ratings will only be required to pay a premium equal to one percent of the total bond amount. The amount of the bond is $25,000. This bond amount will cover a number of different licensed locations for deferred deposit transactions.


In accordance with the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law, every payday lender that wants to do business in the state must first get a license from the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. The rules and regulations pertaining to licensing have been implemented by the California government with the intention of ensuring that payday lenders participate in moral business practices.

Payday lenders must acquire and continue to maintain a $25,000 California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond in order to be eligible. This is to offer financial security for the enforcement of the licensing statute and guarantee that it is followed.

When applying for a license to operate under the Deferred Deposit Transaction Law in California, payday lenders are required to acquire the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond as part of the application procedure.

If the payday lender is unable to comply with the licensing standards, the bond assures that the public will be compensated for any financial loss that they may have suffered as a result. In a nutshell, the bond may be thought of as a kind of insurance that protects the general public in the event that a payday lender violates licensing regulations.


Surety Bond-California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond Qualifications

The yearly cost of the premium is $188. However, in order for an organization to process your request, they will be needing a signed application from you. Your application will be processed by their office as soon as they have received it, together with a payment for the premium, and a signed copy of the application from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Necessary To Do a Credit Check In Order To Purchase a California Deferred Deposit Transaction Bond?

When applying for the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law License Bond, surety firms will evaluate the credit history of the payday lender in order to establish eligibility and price for the bond. Lenders who have substantial job experience and good credit are likely to be offered the most competitive rates. Some guarantee businesses will not work with lenders who have low credit, while others would charge them extra prices.

Should Payday Lenders in California Renew Their License on a Regular Basis?

The license to conduct Deferred Deposit Transactions in the state of California does not run out and will continue to be valid until it is canceled or given up.
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