Napa County, CA-Sewer Contractor Bond

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Napa County, CA-Sewer Contractor Bond

In the event that a contractor’s construction would come into contact with sewage systems in the county, the Napa County Sanitation District (NapaSan) mandates that the contractor post a CA-Sewer Contractor Bond. It is vital to do this in order to assure that the local government will be compensated in the event that contractors incur any license breaches, such as damage to public property, while working on the project.

According to NapaSan, construction companies who want to build, expand, or connect to the county’s sewage systems are required to first get the appropriate permits from their office, which may entail the posting of a CA-Sewer Contractor Bond. The bond will serve as a guarantee that permittees would uphold and abide by the norms and standards established by the county. This will successfully secure the safety of the general public as well as compensation in the event that the permittee fails on their obligations or destroys any public property.

A CA-Sewer Contractor Bond is something that the County of Napa requires all contractors to have in order to work on the building of sewers inside the county. The bond is a financial assurance given to the County of Napa by the contractor and the issuing surety firm that all contractual work will be finished on schedule and that the worksite will be restored to its original state.

It is required that the Napa County, CA-Sewer Contractor Bond come from a surety bond provider that has been approved by the California Department of Insurance. Principal (the person who is making the application), Obligee (Napa County), and Surety/Bond Company are the parties to the arrangement.

In the event that the Principal fails to provide the agreed-upon services or violates any license requirements, the surety company will stand behind the payments that the Obligee is entitled to receive (the performance bond). The surety company is responsible for receiving all public claims and determining whether or not such claims have merit. Claims may only be worth up to the complete amount of the penalty that was stipulated in the bond form. The Principal is responsible for reimbursing the surety company for any and all costs incurred.

An indemnification agreement ensures that the permit application or licensed company will be responsible for the full repayment of any claims, which includes the payment of any associated legal expenses and premiums. This keeps the bond company protected. This understanding needs to be reached prior to the issuance of the surety bond.

The Application Process

Surety Bond-Sewer Contractor Bond Application Process

The Napa Sanitation Department is the appropriate place to send in your application for a sewage permit. According to Section 13.24.020 of the Municipal Code, the following materials may be needed to be submitted with the application for the permit:

  • A plot strategy that is drawn to scale, has complete dimensions, and shows the direction and approximate slope of the surface, as well as the location of all present or proposed retaining walls, drainage channels, water supply lines or wells, paved areas and structures on the plot, the number of bedrooms or plumbing fixtures in each structure, and the location of the building sewer and private or individual sewage disposal system in relation to the lot lines and structures.
  • Specifics of the construction that are essential to ensure compliance with the standards of this division together with a thorough description of the whole installation, including the quality, type, and grade of all materials, equipment, construction, craftsmanship, and techniques of assembly and installation are required. These details must be provided.
  • The groundwater level as well as a log of the soil formations, according to results obtained by test holes dug in close proximity to any laid out disposal field, as well as a statement of the water absorption qualities of the soil at the location being considered, as established by authorized percolation tests (CPC Appendix Chapter 1, section 103.2, modified). Both of these factors can be determined by test holes dug in close proximity to any proposed disposal field.


In the event that the County of Napa submits a claim against the CA-Sewer Contractor Bond, the surety firm will evaluate the validity of the claim and act in accordance with the results of their findings. Claims against surety companies are not processed at the CCIS office. Nevertheless, the contractor will be given information on how to contact claims administrators in order to move the claims process forward.

In the event that it is determined that the claim was founded in fact, the surety business will pay out the full amount of the bond to the County of Napa.

The CA-Sewer Contractor Bond protects the County of Napa, its workers, and its suppliers against the conduct of a contractor. Insurance coverage protects contractors against unexpected occurrences. Since contractors are accountable for their own acts, the surety firm is entitled to reimbursement for any claims that have been paid out. If a contractor does not follow these steps, it will be far more difficult for that contractor to get a surety bond for any future work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It Priced At?

The Napa County Sanitation District Sewer Contractor Bond typically costs 0.5% of the total bond amount.

Will My Credit Score Be Checked?

Although Napa County does not mandate a credit check, surety companies will perform one as part of their underwriting.
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